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Artist: Nightwish
Title Of Album: Imaginaerum - The Score
Year Of Release: 2012 (09.11)
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal, Orchestral
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: CBR 320 kbps
Total Time: 51:29
Total Size: 122 MB


01. Find Your Story (2:31)
02. Orphanage Airlines (4:34)
03. Undertow (5:18)
04. Spying In The Doorway (3:04)
05. A Crackling Sphere (4:00)
06. Sundown (5:33)
07. Wonderfields (5:32)
08. Hey Buddy (3:03)
09. Deeper Down (3:28)
10. Dare To Enter (1:50)
11. I Have To Let You Go (6:03)
12. Heart Lying Still (4:01)
13. From G To E Minor (2:32)

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Artist: Leaves' Eyes
Album: At Heaven's End [ep]
Year: 2010
Genre: Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Country: Germany
Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
Size: 64MB


1. At Heaven's End 04:45
2. Angus And The Swan 03:44
3. Irish Rain (Acoustic Version) 03:54
4. The Battle Of Maldon 04:23
5. Scarborough Fair (Acoustic Version) 03:23
6. Nine Wave Maidens 03:24
7. My Destiny (Remix) 04:12
Total playing time: 27:45
Download links: Leaves' Eyes - At Heaven's End [ep] (2010)
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Samael Discography :

Origin : Sion, Switzerland
Genres : Industrial metal, Black metal, Symphonic metal, Industrial black metal, Electronic music
Site :

Although much of their music from the mid-1990s onwards has incorporated electronic sounds which would best define their genre as industrial metal, they are an early 2nd Wave black metal band and an innovator for post-black metal styles.

Samael released several demos, including an extremely rare demo titled Medieval Prophesy. Their first demos presented a slow, doomy style of thrash metal with raw vocals, similar to that of Celtic Frost. Some of the songs would be included on Worship Him (1991) and Blood Ritual (1992).

Around the time of Ceremony of Opposites (1994), the band started using industrial-styled song techniques, employed by the use of keyboards and (minimalist) acoustic percussion. By this time, they had also left French record label Osmose Productions and signed with Century Media Records.

Their album Passage (1996) saw them gather a larger audience, with the music video for the song "Jupiterian Vibe" getting airplay on MTV's Headbanger's Ball.

After the release of Eternal (1999), Samael would not renew their contract with Century Media. In 2004, Reign of Light was released through independent label Galactical Records.

In 2006, their album Era One was released on Century Media Records. It includes a bonus disc, "Lesson in Magic #1," which is entirely instrumental and done solely by keyboardist Xy. The album itself was recorded in 2001, and the bonus disc a year later. Both were rearranged and remixed in 2005.

In June 2007 they released the album Solar Soul, which summed up and combined many of the styles of their previous albums since Passage. On March 6, 2009, Samael released Above, a full-length album described as a tribute to Samael's roots.

Albums :

1987 - Into The Infernal Storm Of Evil [Demo]
1988 - Macabre Operetta [Demo]
1988 - Medieval Prophecy [EP]
1989 - From The Dark To Black [Demo]
1991 - Worship Him
1992 - Blood Ritual
1993 - After The Sepulture (EP)
1994 - Ceremony of Opposites
1995 - Rebellion [EP]
1996 - Passage
1997 - XYTRAS - Passage
1998 - Exodus [EP]
1999 - Eternal
2004 - Telepath [Single]
2004 - Reign Of Light
2005 - On Earth [Single]
2006 - Era One
2007 - Aeonics An Anthology[Compilation]
2007 - Solar Soul
2009 - Illumination [single]
2009 - Above
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Adagio Discography :

Origin : Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Genres : Symphonic metal, progressive metal, neo-classical metal
Site :

Adagio's music is characterized by technical precision, dark, dense orchestration, complex lead work, and a driving rhythm section. However, on the group's third studio album, Dominate, they added death grunts to their sound. The band has finished the pre-production and mastering of their fourth album, Archangels in Black. The album features nine songs plus one bonus track on the Japanese release. According to the band's website the "compositions are the ultimate between melodic and extreme metal, and can be considered as a more brutal version of Underworld." The new album is released in February 2009 through Listenable Records.[1] Archangels in Black is also the first album to feature Christian Palin on vocals, who had sent a demo to the band in 2004 but didn't get accepted due to his deep Finnish accent. When Gus Monsanto, the 2004 pick for the vocalist, left the band in 2008, Christian Palin was accepted into the band.

Albums :

* (2001) - Sanctus Ignis
* (2003) - Underworld
* (2004) - A Band In Upperworld
* (2005) - Dominate
* (2009) - Archangels in Black
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