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Adagio Discography :

Origin : Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Genres : Symphonic metal, progressive metal, neo-classical metal
Site :

Adagio's music is characterized by technical precision, dark, dense orchestration, complex lead work, and a driving rhythm section. However, on the group's third studio album, Dominate, they added death grunts to their sound. The band has finished the pre-production and mastering of their fourth album, Archangels in Black. The album features nine songs plus one bonus track on the Japanese release. According to the band's website the "compositions are the ultimate between melodic and extreme metal, and can be considered as a more brutal version of Underworld." The new album is released in February 2009 through Listenable Records.[1] Archangels in Black is also the first album to feature Christian Palin on vocals, who had sent a demo to the band in 2004 but didn't get accepted due to his deep Finnish accent. When Gus Monsanto, the 2004 pick for the vocalist, left the band in 2008, Christian Palin was accepted into the band.

Albums :

* (2001) - Sanctus Ignis
* (2003) - Underworld
* (2004) - A Band In Upperworld
* (2005) - Dominate
* (2009) - Archangels in Black
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