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Lucifugum Discography :

Genre(s) : Black Metal
Origin : Ukraine 

Site: rock.zonet.us

Lucifugum was created in 1995. Since its birth, the band was regularly threatened by religious and political authorities because of their musical activities. Some gigs of the bands, have been cancelled after the intervention of those authorities. So, Lucifugum has been always considered as the leader and the most respected band of the Ukrainian black metal scene. Lucifugum recorded different productions released only on tape for the Eastern European market. "Gates Of Nocticula" (1996), "Path Of Wolf" (1996), "Through Indifferent Sky" (1997), "Instinct Prevelance" (1997), and "On The Sortilage Of Christianity" (1999) which has been released by Oaken Shield in 2001... Some of those recording has been possible thanks to the help of Nokturnal Mortum's members. The latest years the band succeed to have a real line-up and recorded with this formation some new pieces. October 2002, a tragedy hits the band. Bal-a-Myth died during his sleep after a drug overdose... Now, Lucifugum continue its musical fight against religions described as the new poison and against political and moral mentalities who tried to stop them... With the new album titled "On Hooks To Pieces", Lucifugum is ready to "conquer" the whole planet.

Albums :

1995 - The Kingdom Sorrow... Behind The Northern Wind (Demo)
1996 - Gates of Nocticula (Demo)
1996 - Path of Wolf (Demo)
1997 - Through Indifferent Sky (Demo)
1999 - Nakhristikhryaschakh
2000 - Na Kryuchya Da V Klochya
2001 - ...And the Wheel Keeps Crunching
2002 - Kleymo Egoizma Stigma Egoism
2003 - ...Back to Chopped Down Roots
2003 - Antidogmatic (Ep)
2003 - Sociopath Philosophy Cynicism
2005 - The Supreme Art Of Genocid
2005 - Vector33
2006 - Involtation
2007 - Sectane Satani
2008 - Acme Adeptum