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Robert Cray Discography :

Born August 1, 1953
Columbus, Georgia
United States
Genres Blues, blues rock
Instruments Guitar, vocals

Cray was born in Columbus, Georgia and started playing guitar in his early teens. He attended Denbigh High School in Newport News, Virginia, where his love of the blues and soul music flourished as he started collecting records. Originally, he wanted to become an architect, but around the same time he began to study architectural design, he formed a local band named "Steakface", described as "the best band from Lakewood you never heard of". Cray's guitar and vocals contributed greatly to Steakface's set list of cover songs by Jimi Hendrix, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Fleetwood Mac, The Grease Band, Blodwyn Pig, Jethro Tull, Spirit and the Faces.

Albums :

1980 - Who’s Been Talkin’
1983 - Bad Influence
1985 - False Accusations
1985 - Showdown!
1986 - Strong Persuader
1988 - Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
1990 - Midnight Stroll
1992 - I Was Warned
1993 - Shame + A Sin
1995 - Some Rainy Morning
1997 - Sweet Potato Pie
1999 - Take Your Shoes Off
2001 - Shoulda Been Home
2003 - Time Will Tell
2005 - Twenty
2006 - Live From Across The Pond
2008 - Live At The BBC
2009 - This Time