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Opeth Discography :

Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Progressive death metal, progressive rock

Opeth was originally formed as a death metal band in the autumn of 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden by vocalist David Isberg. Isberg asked former Eruption band member Mikael Åkerfeldt to join the band as a bassist. When Åkerfeldt showed up to practice the day after Isberg invited him, it became clear that Isberg had not told the band members, including the band's current bassist, that Åkerfeldt would be joining. The ensuing argument led to all members but Isberg and Åkerfeldt leaving to form a new project.[1] The band name was derived from the word "Opet", taken from the Wilbur Smith novel The Sunbird.[2] In this novel, Opet is the name of a (fictional) Phoenician city in South Africa whose name is translated as "City of the Moon" in the book; the name might be a reference to Opet Festival or the Egyptian goddess Taweret, also known as Opet.

Isberg and Åkerfeldt recruited drummer Anders Nordin, bassist Nick Döring, and guitarist Andreas Dimeo. Unsatisfied with the band's slow progress, Döring and Dimeo left the band after their first performance, and were replaced by guitarist Kim Pettersson and bassist Johan DeFarfalla. After the next show, DeFarfalla left Opeth to spend time with his girlfriend in Germany, and was replaced by Åkerfeldt's friend, bassist Peter Lindgren. Lead guitarist Pettersson left following the band's next performance, and Lindgren switched to guitar. After losing interest in the band, Isberg quit in 1992 too because of creative differences..

With three members in the band, Åkerfeldt took over vocal duties, and the trio spent the next year writing and rehearsing new material. The group began to rely less on the blast beats and aggression typical of death metal, and incorporated acoustic guitars and guitar harmonies into their music; developing the core sound of Opeth. Stefan Guteklint joined on bass in 1993, but was dismissed by the band after signing its first record deal with Candlelight records in 1994. The band initially employed former member DeFarfalla as a session bassist for the recording, and he went on to join on a full-time basis following the release of Opeth's debut album in 1995.

Albums :

1995 - Orchid
1996 - Morningrise
1998 - My Arms, Your Hearse
1999 - Still Life
2001 - Blackwater Park
2002 - Deliverance
2003 - Damnation
2004 - Lamentations
2005 - Ghost Reveries
2007 - The Roundhouse Tapes
2008 - Watershed